News; What's the difference between stun guns and Tasers?

Published: Monday 21 February, 2011

-One requires a permit, the other don't!

SEBRING - It's safe to say that law abiding Florida residents know the rules and regulations that govern carrying handguns.

But what about carrying a stun gun or a device such as a Taser?

Florida statutes say it is not against the law for a person to conceal a non-lethal stun gun for self-defense.

Highlands County Sheriff's Deputy Joe Noto said tasers are a different story and do require a permit.

And the reason for that? Because tasers fire probes.

"If I could hold it in my hand and shoot something at you 20 feet away from me you need a concealed carry license for it," Noto said.

He compared stun guns to pocket knives.

Lots of residents keep small pocket knives in their pockets and don't need a license to carry them.

To use stun guns for self-defense, a person would have to get close enough to shock, hence they don't need a permit.


Jim Morris once tried to get a Taser for a customer. He swears he won't go through the ordeal again.

"I think the tasers are really overkill," he said. "I don't think they need to be in the public's hands.

"It's for the cops, and I'll leave it to the cops."

Practice makes perfect if a person wants to use a Taser, according to Morris. He said both probes have to hit the attacker for the current to be successfully administered.

Morris thinks there is too much paperwork required to get a Taser. They are also quite expensive, with additional costs coming from back-up batteries and cords, he said.

If a person Googles Tasers, they'll find some that sell for $384 and others that run upward of $810.

"Who has them? Mostly it's women," Morris said.

Source: Tampa Bay Online
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