• Omega Super Baton Stun Gun & Animal Control

The O-Mega™ Super Baton™ & Animal Control


The O-Mega™ Super Baton™ uses two DURACELL 9v batteries for its power source; its oscillator transformer is Dual Primary; its storage capacitor is .5 Uf 1500v; Fundamental pulse frequency is 3.3 u second cycle/303 KHZ; Output repetition rate is 8.2 times per second; Peak pulse power is 18.3 Watts; Delivered pulse energy is 1.5 J.


The O-Mega™ Super Baton™ is intended to function in two ways: as a deterrent, and as an incapacitator (restraint device).


When an animal hears the arching and cracking sound of the electricity, it hears not only those sounds we humans hear, but also other frequencies not audible to us; it hears these sounds as waves of sound moving towards it, and is not able to comprehend the nature of the sound, which is frightening to it; it usually chooses to withdraw rather than face this unknown and frightening sound.


If, in the rare occurrence, an animal (dog) does not retreat, then you may have to touch it and restrain it with the O-Mega™ Super Baton™. The baton should be held out, at arms-length, toward the animal (dog); it may be touched either on the muscle or a leg or paw; it should be held in contact until the animal retreats or is restrained (becomes passive). We have heard that the animal will retreat in most cases, but when it is touched, the animal may lie down, rollover, or limp away, regaining normality in a few minutes. If the animal attempts to bite the baton, the same results will occur, since the shaft of the baton has two electrified metal strips extending approximately 5’’ from the bottom of the shaft.


Several years ago, we commissioned the testing of our product on dogs, to determine the effect on them, generally, and specifically on their heart rates, respiration, skin, and general health. The animal was monitored with an EED recorder and observation for respiratory and skin effects. Our product was found to be an effective and humane method of controlling the animal; with no adverse short or long term effects on the animal. In another study, commissioned exclusive for O-Mega™ by the noted Medical Authority and Cardiologist, Dr. Robert A. Stratbucker, M.D., M.S., Ph.D., F.E., he found that our product was safe to humans, could not stimulate the heart (we use a frequency that does not even stimulate the heart), and he had no other detrimental.

I hope the information presented in this letter will be helpful to you and that you will find out product is an excellent choice for your meter readers or others with similar concerns.

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