• Dr. Robert A. Stratbucker

Degrees Granted

• B.A. (Physics), University of Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska

• M.D., University of Nebraska College of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska

• M.S. (Physiology), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska Thesis: “A Volume Conductor of Method for Obtaining Multiple Simultaneous Electrograms for Isolated Hearts”

• Ph.D. (Physiology), University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska Thesis: “Computer Analysis of the Ventricular Gradient of Isolate Mammalian Hearts”

Representative List of Published Articles

Stratbucker R.A., Hyde C.M., Wixon S. – “The magnetocardiogram: A new approach to the fields surrounding the heart.”, I.E.E.E. Trans. Biomed. Elect., Oct. 10, 1963

Stratbucker R.A., Hyde C.M., Varner J. – “The magnettocardiogram”, Proc. First Annual Rocky Mountain Biomedical Engineering Symposium, USAF Academy, Colorado, May, 1964

Stratbucker R.A., Nelson D.B., Schonlau W. – “Automatic cardioversion using electronic arrhythmia logic.”, Proceedings of the Second Annual Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium, Boulder, Colorado, May, 1965

Stratbucker R.A., Lowenburg E.C. – “An experiment in biomedical engineering training”, Proceedings of the Third Annual Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium, Boulder, Colorado, May, 1966

Stratbucker R.A., Scholau W., Haas B., Wombolt L. - “An on-line time-sharing computer system for teleprocessing electrocardiograms.”, 41st Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association. (Abst) Circulation, October, 1968; Suppl. 6 to Vol. 37 & 38:VI-191

Bruce R.A., Yarnall S.R., Stratbucker R.A., Pettit Gladys, Hoffer V., Thompson D.J. – “Reliability and normal variations of computer analysis of Frank Electrocardiograms by Smith-Hyde Program (1968 Version).”, Am J of Cardiology, March, 1972

Fleischli G., Stratbucker R.A. – “Comparative evaluation of scaler and vector computerized EKG systems.”, 19th Annual Scientific Session of the AmericanCollege of Cardiology, New Orleans, Louisiana, February, 1970

Stratbucker R.A. – “Automated and computerized electrocardiographic systems.”, Proceedings of the Ninth Annual Rocky Mountain Bioengineering Symposium, May, 1972

Hamilton C., Bower R., Starke H., Stratbucker R.A. – “Scaler and vectorcardiographic residua of inferior myocardial infarction.”, J Electrocardiographic 1972; 5:163-172

Quaife M.A., Stratbucker R.A., Wetzel M., Temme J.B., Kelly R.F. – “Evaluation of intra and inter observer variation in processing of gated blood pool equilibrium studies utilizing two different proprietary hardware and software systems.”, Imaging Hardware and Software for Nuclear Medicine Symposium Proceeding, No. 6, Published by The American Institute of Physics, New York, 1988

Chapman P.D., Stratbucker R.A., Schlagater D.P., Pruzina S.P. – “The efficacy and safety of transcutaneous low-impedance cardiac pacing in human volunteers”, Annals of Emergency Medicine, December, 1992

Marsh M.G., Stratbucker R.A. – “The relative immunity of the skin and cardiovascular system to the direct effects of high voltage – high frequency component electrical pulses”, Proc. I.E.E.E. Engineering in Medicine & Biology Conference, October, 1993

Panescu D., Webster J.G., Stratbucker R.A. – “Modeling current density distributions during transcutaneous current pacing”, IEEE Trans. Biomedical Engineering, V.41, #6, June 1994

Articles Submitted for Publication

Conlan M.G., Haire W.D., Burnett D.A., Quaife M.A., Stratbucker R.A. – “Prethrombotic abnormalities in stable inflammatory bowel disease: High prevalence of abnormalities fibrinolysis”, Accepted for publication in Digestive Diseases and Science

Meyers D.G., Bendon K.A. Hankins J.H., Stratbucker R.A. – “The effect of baseline electrocardiographic abnormalities on the diagnostic accuracy of exercise induced ST segment changes”, Submitted to the American Journal of Cardiology in March, 1989


Stratbucker R.A. – “The Omni-Electrode: An inexpensive multimodality disposable device for simultaneous diagnostic and therapeutic use in sudden cardiac death and other life threatening emergencies”, Sixth International Purdue Symposium on Defibrillation, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, 1992, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

Panescu D., Webster J.G., Stratbucker R.A. – “The electrical characteristics of skin during the passage of ampere range current pulses typical of cardiac resuscitation”, 17th Annual Conference of the International Society for Computerized Electrocardiology, May 2-7, 1992, Keystone, Colorado

Stratbucker R.A. – “Mechanisms underlying the progressive drop in transthoracic impedance with serial defibrillator shocks”, The Annual Duke Symposium on Pacing and Defibrillation, Duke University, April 28-29, 1992, Durham, North Carolina

RAS: mgm 8/14/94

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