• Super Stunner Stun Gun: An Independent Report

O-Mega™ Super Stunner Stun Gun

This stun gun clearly has the strongest effect of those stun guns tested. Not only did it stand out in effectiveness, but it showed no arcing or discernible leakage current to the hand of the user.

The Super Stunner Stun Gun has two switches, an on-off switch and a trigger switch. The on-off switch is useful in that it may prevent the device from being activated accidentally. It has a potential disadvantage in that if it is inadvertently left on for an extended period, the battery will be drained. An automatic timeout on this function would be very desirable. The on-off switch, which is not spring loaded, protrudes in such a way that it can easily be pressed to the ‘on’ position unintentionally while the stun gun is being carried in a purse or pocket.

This is the only model tested to include a battery indicator – a small red LED – that glows when the safety switch is in the ‘on’ position and the battery ostensibly has sufficient energy remaining. The other stun guns must be activated and arced in order to verify the battery condition, resulting in significant wear on those units with internal spark gaps.

Unfortunately, the battery condition light does not always operate as intended. If the on-off switch is left in the ‘on’ position and the battery drained to a low level, the battery condition light may still glow indicating that sufficient battery energy remains. But, in fact, there may not be enough energy to cause a single spark, let alone enough to discourage an assailant.

The O-Mega™ Super Stunner Stun Gun has two other potential drawbacks. Firstly, it is a fairly large unit and therefore may be inconvenient to carry; though some may consider its size an advantage in that it is easier to get a good grip on. Secondly, it is not as good as some of the other stun guns at penetrating very thick layers of clothing.

The distributors of the O-Mega™ state in the literature that accompanies their product. “A very small percentage of people, however, can withstand this amount of electric shock, so O-Mega™ cannot absolutely guarantee that their stun guns will render everyone unconscious.”. Some of the other distributors are not so forthright in their claims.

The Super Stunner Stun Gun has a belt clip as well as very sturdy strap.

While the manufacturers of three other devices tested claim higher voltages, they did not perform nearly as well as the O-Mega™ Super Stunner Stun Gun.


This device uses two 9 volt batteries, e.g. Duracell MN1604.

Distributed by O-Mega™, Network Incorporated. Made in Taiwan.

Published by:
T’Prima Technology
Gateway Station, Aurora, CO 80044-1126 U.S.A., 1994

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